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I’m Martin Thomas, third sector director and consultant, writer and children's author… and the creator of the Little Journal of Memories.

Whatever the season or reason for dropping by, why not grab a brew, pull up a virtual log and join a campfire conversation that burns brightly for good... all through the year.

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Introducing the

Little Journal of Memories - Winter Edition

Endorsed by parents, teachers + accredited by the Good Toy Guide!

The Little Journal of Memories has been created to help us remember our own childhoods, write those memories down and then find creative ways to retell or recreate those stories with children. It is a print and online resource designed to inspire moments of connection, wellbeing, and the creative space for sharing stories and making memories... around our own campfires. For Christmas 2021 we were able to partner with primary schools across Oxfordshire, giving away over 250 Winter Editions to children and their families. We will be producing a new Spring Edition soon and hope to develop our growing partnership with local schools and independent gift shops even more. Sign-up to Campfire News to keep in touch!

The Good Toy Guide says that the Little Journal promotes emotional development, increases attachment and communication between a parent and child, and supports development of literacy and global citizenship skills, particularly for families with children aged 4-9. Special thanks to Dr Amanda Gummer (Good Play Guide), for providing independent accreditation, and to the Jim Cousins Trust (based in Witney) who are supporting the development of the project in local schools.

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