Increase your family’s wellbeing this summer and have great fun at the same time!

The Little Journal has been created for busy parents who want to deepen the connection they have with their children and increase the wellbeing of their family, each and every season... all through the year.

Watch Martin Thomas, Oxfordshire-based children's author, and creator of the Little Journal share more...

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"Being a parent doesn't leave much time..."

That's very true... But don't compare how much time you think you need... 'comparison is the thief of joy'. We only need to ask: "If I were to prioritise just a little bit of creative time each week, what would be the lasting benefit for the children in my care?"

"We really need a break from our screens..."

Yes... we agree! The Little Journal is accessible on all devices, but with content packaged into bite-sized-chunks, designed to help families get creative, away from devices when inside the home and then to go outside and explore -- whatever the season!

"I don't know how to connect with my child..."

And that's hard... But remember that even in our insta-airbrushed world, most parents don't ever feel good enough. And, whatever age or stage of life, it's never to late to start learning how to connect and to prioritise your family’s wellbeing... including you too.

I've worked with children, parents and teachers for over 25 years... and I'm still learning.

As a charity director... I’ve seen the immense challenges faced by families in the UK as well as overseas… and what the gift of education, creative opportunities and faith can bring to parents and the children in their care.

As a children’s author... I’ve seen the power of storytelling come alive in schools, as the eyes of children and teachers light up, through the excitement of imagining characters having adventures in strange new worlds.

And as a son and dad... I’ve experienced and witnessed the power of the bedtime story and the joy that this connection brings between a parent and a child… and the creation of memories that last a lifetime.

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Endorsed by parents, teachers +

the Good Play Guide!

We trialled the journal with families and teachers in 2020 and it was also independently reviewed by child development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer, Founder of the Good Play Guide, who endorsed the project’s aims and awarded it ‘Good Play Guide' accreditation.

The Little Journal:

  • supports emotional development
  • increases attachment and communication between parent and child
  • supports the development of literacy and global citizenship skills
  • and is particularly suitable for families with children aged 4-9.

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My challenge to you today...

“What is the one thing you could do together over the next month, that would build real moments of connection between your family and friends?”

Martin Thomas