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Do you work with children and want to improve their wellbeing?

Created by Oxfordshire-based children's author, Martin Thomas, the Little Journal is packed with family-friendly seasonal videos and creative downloadable resources. Designed for busy parents who want to deepen the connection they have with their children, we're looking to increase the wellbeing of families... all through the year.

We're offering a limited number of schools and community organisations, the opportunity to partner with us for our Summer 2021 launch. So, if you'd like to be considered, please fill in the form below to get in touch.


Free Subscriptions

Firstly, we are offering Primary Schools and Community Organisations up to 50 free annual subscriptions to give, at your discretion, to the families of children in your care. e.g. those on pupil premium.

Seasonal Promotions

Secondly, we are offering all Education Partners the opportunity, once per season, to give all parents access to the Little Journal resource, at a discounted rate from the one offered to the wider public.

Author Visits

Finally, we'll offer all Education Partners the opportunity to access an author 'visit' online, with a pre-recorded storytelling workshop, a live Campfire Session Q&A, plus Little Journal seasonal worksheets. 

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Endorsed by parents, teachers +

the Good Play Guide!

We trialled the journal with families and teachers in 2020 and it was also independently reviewed by child development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer, Founder of the Good Play Guide, who endorsed the project’s aims and awarded it ‘Good Play Guide' accreditation, confirming that the Little Journal:

  • supports emotional development
  • increases attachment and communication between parent and child
  • supports the development of literacy and global citizenship skills
  • and is particularly suitable for families with children aged 4-9.

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I've worked with children, parents and teachers for over 25 years... and I'm still learning.

As a charity director... I’ve seen the immense challenges faced by families in the UK as well as overseas… and what the gift of education, creative opportunities and faith can bring to parents and the children in their care.

As a children’s author... I’ve seen the power of storytelling come alive in schools, as the eyes of children and teachers light up, through the excitement of imagining characters having adventures in strange new worlds.

And as a son and dad... I’ve experienced and witnessed the power of the bedtime story and the joy that this connection brings between a parent and a child… and the creation of memories that last a lifetime.

"I would enthusiastically recommend the Little Journal to the parents of the children I teach. There are plenty of families who need some prompts and ideas to support their child’s emotional literacy and to nurture relationships within the family. This journal facilitates families to achieve this together!"

Early Years Teacher

"I spend a lot of time talking to parents about their worries, their children’s behaviour and wellbeing. Children need affirmation, one to one time and someone to listen to them. The Little Journal is a beautiful resource, that will help families discover the joy of sharing quality time with their children."

Home School Key Worker

"The lay out is lovely and the pictures are gorgeous. There is enough space per section, without it feeling overwhelming and a chore to complete! We loved the mix of dotty, lined and plain pages! My daughter, who's dyslexic, liked being able to draw in spaces and the blue writing was also easy for her to read."


"I fully endorse the Little Journal and have provided independent expert advice. It is seeking to help parents and caregivers prioritise regular moments of connection with their children. This is vital for the wellbeing and resilience of families – particularly following the challenges of lockdown and COVID-19."

Child Development Expert

Watch Martin explain more about the Little Journal in this 4-minute video